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Service Providers

Specialists can help designers and builders comply with energy codes in several ways:

Below is a list of contractors who provide energy code services in various parts of Pennsylvania:

  Company Info Counties Served
  Local Energy Audits
Ori Rosenkrantz
(888) 751-7067
Chester / Delaware
Bucks / Montgomery

Note: Local Energy Services does not endorse the contractors on this list. It is the responsibility of individuals hiring contractors to research and determine the suitability of a given service provider for their project.

Disclaimer: Local Energy Services may be paid by service providers for inclusion on this list.

Contractors who would to be included in this list should contact at 888-751-7067.

Third Party Evaluation

The 2018 IRC/IECC gives the local code official the option to require that air sealing inspections and blower door testing be completed by an "approved third party"

Approval of third parties is at the discretion of the local code official.  In most cases, certification by one of the following organizations will be required:

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