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Rules and Regulations

The current PA Energy Code is based primarily on three legal documents:

In 1999, the PA General Assembly passed Act 45, the Pennsylvania Construction Code Act (PCCA), and in 2008 it passed Act 106, which established the Review and Advisory Council (RAC).  These two documents create a Uniform Construction Code (UCC) and require the RAC to review each code update and recommend exclusions and modifications every three years.  Following a public comment period, the (amended) new code is adopted.

On February 12, 2022, Department of Labor and Industry released Document No. 22-230, it details the latest I-codes which comprise the new UCC, as well as all of the PA-specific additions, deletions, and modifications that were adopted following the review process. 

This document is dense and bureaucratic, and deciphering it requires flipping back and forth between various referenced code versions, but if you want to understand the root of the differences between the PA and national code versions, this is where the changes are specified.

PA UCC Rules and Regulations


The Uniform Construction Code is implemented by the PA Department of Labor and Industry

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The UCC Review and Advisory Council (RAC) reviews and recommends updates to the code