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PA Adopts 2018 IECC

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On February 14, 2022, Pennsylvania began enforcing a new set of Uniform Construction Codes (UCC) that includes the 2018 International Energy Conservation Code (IECC). This replaces the 2015 IECC that was previously in place.

This change is an incremental update compared to the major changes that were intoduced in 2018.  Those changes were driven by the PA legislature in an effort to greatly improve the energy performance of new buildings by updating from the 2009 IECC. As shown in the chart below, a house built to the new codes is expected to consume nearly 50% less energy than a house built in 1975 and about 25% less energy than a house built to the 2009 IECC.

Code Comparison Chart

Most builders have now become familiar with the significant changes that were required by the shift to the 2015 IECC (if their local code officials actually enforced the changes).  The latest transition, to the 2018 IECC, is less complex.

The major changes include:

This website aims to provide architects, builders, contractors, and code officials with accurate and technically sound information on the energy requirements in the PA UCC.

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